About Pastor Mrs. A.H. Joshua



Pastor Hannah Adenike Joshua is the wife of Pastor Olawale Joshua, the founder and general overseer of The New Life in Christ Ministry [TNLCM]. She has been of great support and companion to her husband both spiritual, morally, physical and otherwise and the success of the ministry has depended on her support.Pastor Hannah is a woman who's worth is far above jewels because she is a dynamic servant of God with moral excellence, trustworthy, humble and a gifted minister which makes her significant and outstanding in whatever she does. 

In accordance to Proverbs 31, she is the president of the Virtuous Women Ministry of TNLCM and as such, she portrays the heart of a mother by ensuring that those under her care receive what they need: food, cloths, protection and she is able to serve others out of the excess of her work. She is also blessed with the gift of writing which lead her to author a significant book titled "Tunic of Many Colours", this wonderful book unveils the true meaning of wisdom as the principle thing in life. Being the Crown of her husband she believes that a woman's place does not start and ends at the kitchen as many would say, but that a wise woman should build her house and balance their lives between family and serving God. They are both blessed with lovely, gifted and God fearing children.