The mission of this ministry is to reconcile women back to God, connect with each other and be a blessing to the wider community.

TNLCM Virtuous Women Ministry is headed byPASTOR HANNAH JOSHUA. It is a ministry that brings women of all ages (from 20’s) and nationalities together. This ministry is run by women to raise women of virtues who will influence, motivate and transform lives through the Word of God give.phpn by authority and wisdom. The vision of this ministry is as follows.

To help women to maximise their potentials.
To help influence and empowers women to excel in their different fields.
To inspire and equip women to participate fully in the life of the church.
To encourage women to live a life that mirror CHRIST by prayer, studying of the Word, strengthening of relationship, sharing of experience and building up one another in faith.

To achieve this vision we hold monthly informal meetings every 2nd Sunday of each month, prayer meeting every second Friday, and women's breakfast meeting organised at the beginning of every year to launch God into the new year. Also we have the Women's Annual Conference and the Family Picnic all geared towards bring women together and building a strong relationship with God.